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Workout games are one of my favourite ways to train in groups. When I used to teach bootcamps and group fitness more, I would often include games either at the beginning, at the end, or both. And although I haven't done group classes for a while due to a certain annoying pandemic, I fully intend to do them again when it's safe to do so. Of course it doesn't have to be a large group. Your family can do it right in your house and it doesn't require equipment either. Even if it's one other person many games can still be done. Here I've compiled a list of some of my favourites.


ROLL THE DICE - Each number on the dice corresponds to a particular exercise. Take turns rolling the dice and whatever it lands on, do 10 to 20 reps of that exercise.


BROOMSTICK DROP - Two people face each other with one person holding a broomstick in the upright position. The broomstick holder drops it in any direction and the other person tries to catch it before it hits the floor. Each person gets one minute in each role before switching.


PLANK HIGH FIVE - In a plank position facing each other, high five each other either for a pre-determined number of times or for time.


MIRROR - Two people face each other with the hands close together almost touching. One person initiates and the other person must match it by keeping the hands close together. If Person A moves the hands backwards, then Person B must move the hands forward. Each person gets one minute in each role beffroe switching.


LEG TAG BOXING - Pick a time for a round. For a reference, a Boxing round is 3 minutes and an MMA round is 5 minutes. However you may want to cut that down if you're not used to it. Simply try to hit each other in the leg. Use your footwork, block, and use fakes. This is a game we teach kids to introduce them to light sparring. This way no one is going to get hurt, but you still get an idea of range and some of the feelings of sparring. It's also great for cardio and conditioning.


SQUAT AND HIGH FIVE - Two people face each other and do squats. At the top of each rep or possibly at the bottom, high five each other.


RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT - You'll need a larger group for this. One person will call out either red light or green light. Go when you hear green and don't go when you hear red. I'm sure most people have played this before. However for this game, you'll do either the bear crawl or the ape crawl. Another thing I've done is Boxing combos. Step down the line doing random boxing combos. The only requirement is you can't do the same combo twice. 


HEAD, SHOULDERS, KNEES, AND CONES - Two people face each other with either a cone or perhaps a water bottle between them. A third person will call out different bodyparts and the two players must touch that bodypart. However once in a while, "Cone" will be called out. Then the players try to grab the cone in the middle first before the other player.


BUTT SCOOT RACE - This is a simple one. Do a butt scoot just like toddlers do. Whoever gets to the finish line first wins.


So there you go. Some quick and simple fitness games that you can do anywhere. Give them a try!