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The battle ropes are a very versatile piece of equipment. They're great for strength, endurance, body connection and coordination, and even for training sport specific skills. On top of that it provides am amazing cardio workout and can really help melt those pounds off. In this video, I cover my favourite exercises on the ropes. 


One thing to keep in mind always is that you must use the body as one unit. In the Chinese internal arts, we like to say "One part moves, All parts move". With the ropes it's very difficult to not do this. For if you don't then you simply won't be able to properly do the movement. That's one of the great things about it. Ropes are available in different lengths and sizes. The one I have here is a 30 foot rope but there are others that are thicker and up to 50 feet long. Use the one appropriate for your strength. But as always, proper form is more important than weight. Never sacrifice proper form for extra weight. Check out the video!