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Let's face it. Anxiety and stress is a part of life. Not a particularly pleasant part of it, but if you don't learn to cope with it somehow you're going to have a very hard time to say the least. Now I'm sure we've all heard that we need to live a stress free life. However when you hear some bad news, that may prove to be a little difficult. What we need therefore is a way to cope with it and even better than that, eventually not even needing to turn it on and off.


We all know about the valuie of meditation. And while it can be done in a nice quiet room with incense burning and Buddhas, it doesn't have to be. Meditation is not about where  you are physically. It's about where you are mindfully and spiritually. It may sound a little crazy, but you can eventually reach a point of meditating all day long! The keys to remember are to have proper awareness and mindfulness. Then as you watch yourself from "the outside in", you can focus on your movements, breathing, and everything else. THIS is the very definition of meditation.


Watch the video to learn more about this and exercises that you can do anytime anywhere. Trust me. As someone with a mother suffering from dementia, I've had to cope with my share of stress and this helped me so much when I really needed it!

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