blueprint for designing a workout


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There is a lot of confusion about what makes a good workout program. Unfortunately part of the problem is just plain old misinformation. I'm sure you've heard the terms "toning" and "shaping". But the fact is that both of those terms are meaningless, and there have been countless people who've simply done poor ineffective workouts in the name of shaping and toning.


You have control over exactly two things as far as your muscles and body composition are concerned. They are:




When people look at a so-called toned body, they are looking at someone who has added muscle mass to their body. Maybe not as much as some other people, but that's where diet comes into play. After all, you can't have enormous muscles without the bodyweight to go with it. And as far as shaping goes, there is nothing you can do about that. The shape of your muscles have been genetically pre-determined and you can't change it. But it needs to be pointed out that your muscles don't need "shaping" exercises. Exercises that will build the most muscle mass will also build the best shape. Your muscles are not cubes and rectangles. They HAVE shape to them! You used to hear a lot about "mass building" versus "shaping" exercises. It's nonsense! Thnakfully you don't hear as much about it nowadays, but it still pops up once in a while.


So what are the best exercises to get the job done in the most efficient manner possible? Here's a list, but for more details watch the video.

1. Squat

2. Bending

3. Walking

4. Upper Body Push

5. Upper Body Pull

6. Twisting / Crunch

7. Core Stability

8. Cardio / Metabolic