4 x 3 Workout - The Complete Workout

4 x 3 Workout System - The Complete Workout

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Ask 10 trainers for their favourite workouts and I'm sure you'll get 10 different answers. There are many ways to train and they all hold value. It really is impossible to name one workout more effective than any other. The goals you're trying to achieve, physical limitations you may have, your personality, preferences, and other factors all play a role in figuring out the best plan for you.


So while it may be impossible to name one absolute best workout, I have discovered one plan which seems to work quite well for most people, is easily customizable, and can be trained in different ways. I'm speaking of the 4 x 3 System. So what is it? It's 4 exercises done as a circuit 3 times. And in addition there are 3 separate groups of these 4 exercises. Group 1 would be to build strength. Group 2 would be for cardio conditioning, and Group 3 would be for the core and abs. So there's a fair bit of variety there and it does a pretty good job of covering all your bases. Strength, cardio, and core. That pretty much sums up what's needed in a fitness program. So here's an example program.



Dumbbell Rows


Goblet Squats




Agility Ladder High Knees

Cone Shuttle Runs

Mountain Climbers

Jumping Jacks




Reverse Crunches

Windshield Wipers



So as explained earlier, each of these groups is done 3 times each. Of course if that's too difficult you can always do it 2 times instead. And as far as different training methods applied, that can be changed as well. Here are the different methods.


1. Timed Sets. Each of the exercises is done for a specific time of 30, 45, or 60 seconds depending on your fitness level. For the Cardio exercises, they are generally always done for time, but you can use the timed sets for the other exercises as well.


2. AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible). Each of the Groups is timed. 12 minutes for Groups 1 and 2, and 8 minutes for Group 3. With a specific rep number for each exercise, do as many rounds as you can in the time period. Then move onto the next group.


3. Straight Sets - Circuits are not done here. Each exercise is done 3 times in a row. SO essentially it's a 12 exercise workout. Honestly not my favourite way to train, but it works well for some people.


4. Specific Reps - The circuit structure is still used, but specific reps are counted and the sets are not timed. This is more ideal for beginners or intermediate trainees who need more rest and also wish to spend more time perfecting their form.


So as you can see, this 4 x 3 method really is quite versatile with tons of variety as well as effectiveness. So while there may not be one perfect workout for everyone, in my humble opinion the 4 x 3 does a pretty good job!