Steve Reeves' Tostados Recipe


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Steve Reeves was so many things in life. He was a champion bodybuilder, a world renowned actor (known especially from the Hercules films), the inventor of Power Walking, a rancher, And an excellent cook with a solid understanding of nutrition. He was never a fanatic when it came to his food choices and he never followed any of the extreme practices such as cutting out entire macronutrients from your diet!


Instead he ate REAL food! Good, wholesome, tasty, and nutritious food. He was also a great guy to meet and talk to. One of my most valued possessions is the autographed photo (a shot from the film Romulus and Remus) I got with not only Steve but with Gordon Scott as well. In fact, TWO great guys! Anyway I recently got his cookbook "The Steve Reeves Hercules Cookbook" and in it was his recipe for Tostados. I have it below. By the way I tried it and it's awesome!


4 corn tortillas
1 can refried beans (heat in a pan)
1 lb lean ground beef (cook in a pan)
1 head chopped fresh lettuce
1 large diced tomato
1 cup grated cheddar cheese
1 lb container of salsa


Place the ingredients in this order on the tortillas
Bake it flat until it's brown and crispy (350 degrees)


That's it. Your Steve Reeves "Hercules" Tostados are ready to eat! A plentiful meal even for Zeus!