Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Personal Trainer

Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Personal Trainer

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If you’re new to fitness or aren’t seeing positive results from your current routine, a personal trainer can help. They can demonstrate the right posture and technique needed to yield maximum results and also motivate you to achieve the desired target.

As every individual is different, their fitness requirements are unique, and a personal trainer can help you draw up an individualized training plan based on body, endurance, and even personality. They take into account any injuries, health issues or other obstacles you may have and design a routine that’s comfortable and safe.

If you’re looking for a personal trainer, finding someone who can push and motivate you to reach your fitness goals, can be tough. To help you find the right professional, here’s a list of the top five things to look for when hiring a personal trainer.

1. Attentiveness.

Find a trainer who is attentive and can provide you with the motivation needed to follow your fitness plan. Unfortunately, not all trainers are committed, I have seen trainers put someone on an exercise machine and then go off and talk to their friends, or text on their phones while the client is sitting not knowing what to do. If a client pays a trainer for their expertise, motivation, and advice, the trainer owes it to the client to deliver.

2. Personalized programs.

Find a trainer who can identify your problems and design a personalized program exclusively for you. Many trainers give the same program out to everyone, I’ve seen it myself. One can’t refer to what they do as “personal training” if they’re handing out the same fitness regime to everyone. There’s nothing personal about it! I mean it when I call it personal training. Every one of my clients gets my full attention and a well thought out program designed for them based on their goals, physical issues (if any) as well as their personality.

3. Avoids dangerous dietary practices.

The end doesn’t justify the means! Select a trainer who can identify your problems and devise a plan that works for you. There are so many meal plans out there that will do nothing for your health. You may lose weight and build muscle, but it is often in an unhealthy (sometimes even lethal) practice. Starvation diets, food with excessive fat or protein, dangerous supplements with stimulants, are often not any better than hard drugs. I am a hundred percent against anything of this nature. Health and longevity is the goal, and I will not sacrifice my health or the health of my clients to achieve this!

4. Avoids Dangerous Exercise Methods.

Work with a trainer who doesn’t recommend risky exercise methods. I’ve seen far too many people doing unbelievable dangerous exercises. Even worse is that I’ve seen trainers who support this risky and excessive behavior. I once saw a young man vomit and the trainer told him that it was a good thing! He said it meant he was working hard. That does NOT mean you are working hard. It means you have pushed yourself far too hard and a competent trainer should understand that! Again health and longevity is the goal. You can lose weight, build muscle, build strength, increase your endurance, etc., in a safe, realistic, and fun way.

5. Relationship.

If you don’t click with your trainer or get along well with them, it won’t work. No matter how knowledgeable the professional may be, it just won’t work unless you connect. You and the trainer will be spending a lot of time together whether it’s in-person or online training. If you are not “dialed in” with each other, not only will you lack the motivation to reach your goals, but it will be difficult to read each other. I can tell you that reading each other non-verbally is a crucial component in building trainer/client relationship.

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