5 Ways To Conquer Diabetes

5 Ways To Eat To Conquer Diabetes

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There's no doubt about it. Diabetes is on the rise! And not just older adults. A shocking number of the younger population are now diabetics. Poor diet combined with a sedentary lifestyle is a recipe for disaster. There are however some tips which can really help. Rome wasn't built in a day, so you can't expect to realistically change your entire lifestyle in a day either. But what you can do is try to incorporate these scientifically proven 5 tips one by one to help conquer Diabetes!


1. Rise and Dine

Recent studies have found that for every day of the week someone skips breakfast, the risk of type 2 diabetes increases. Peak risk was significantlly higher when subjects went without a morning meal 5 days a week. When you don’t “break the fast” in the morning, it could affect how cells respond to insulin.


2. Eat At Home More Often

People living in an area with easy access to fast-food restaurants have been shown to be more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who live further. The impact was particularly strong in people who were overweight. Unfortunately it's just too easy to hop over and grab a burger and fries. Cooking healthy meals does take planning and time, but you must ask yourself "Isn't the end result worth it?". We've never had access to this much fast food and cheap buffets before and  the results are showing. Try to eat at home as often as possible and save going out for special occasions.


3. Choose Protein Wisely

Choosing fish and poultry over bacon and processed beef is a good idea to lower the risk for type 2 diabetes according to a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition. In contrast, researchers from California’s Loma Linda University School of Public Health found that among 55,000 people studied for 5.3 years, egg consumption was not an independent risk factor for diabetes, according to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Both high meat intake and obesity were strong risk factors for the disease.


4. Shelve the Skim

A recent study has shown that people who ate significantly more dairy fat (such as trans-palmitoleic acid) were almost 30% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes over a 9-year average than those with the lowest concentrations of these biomarkers. Authors of the study, which drew on data from more than 60,000 people, said more research is needed to determine the mechanism and spell out whether fats from different dairy sources (milk, yogurt, cheese) have varying impacts on diabetes risk. Still, it may be time to rethink things. Remember that people tend to get very fanatical about things. There is absolutely nothing wrong with fat consumption just as there is nothing wrong with carbs. It's insane that people try to eliminate entire food groups and macros from their diet! I'm not saying to go out and order a Blooming Onion! But go ahead and have some of that higher fat milk and yogurt!


5. Shop for Plants

Overweight people who followed a vegan diet for 4 months experienced greater drops in body fat levels and insulin resistance (both can reduce diabetes risk) than those who continued to follow their usual diets, according to a report published in the journal Nutrients.

Interestingly, while the vegan diet was fairly high in carbohydrates (about 70% of daily calories), it was very effective at promoting weight loss, which flies in the face of the common belief that eating carbs is bad news for your waistline. The researchers speculated that the plant-based diet’s higher fiber content played a big role in the results.


So there you have it! 5 solid natural ways to help conquer Diabetes. Eating right doesn't have to be difficult. Just learn to follow some simple rules and that's all there is to it.  And don't worry. A cheat meal here and there won't hurt!


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