The Steve Reeves Hercules Diet


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Carbs are the enemey right? I mean everyone knows that. It's just something that everyone accepts. Also we need to hundreds of grams of protein per day right? That's another "fact" that everyone seems to accept. Not to mention other "facts" like everyone needs to train on over-specialized training programs involving training only one or two muscles per day. Or the one about pre-workout drinks that are loaded with caffeine. Sure! That's the way to good health. Eat tons of protein and fat, cut your carbs out, and take drugs!


What would you say if I told you that almost all of the modern fitness dogma is pure crap?! That's right. CRAP with a Capital C! I'm sure I'm going to ruffle some feathers here, but frankly I don't care. There was once a time when health, real vibrant health was far more important than being shredded. There was a time when people cared about their health and the ends did NOT simply justify the means.


One man in particular who I have always read about and admired was Steve Reeves. Winner of numerous bodybuilding titles, world famous actor having starred in Hercules as well as a number of other films. One film of his which I'm particularly fond of is Athena in 1954. Co-starring Jane Powell and Debbie Reynolds among others. Of course the thing I credit him with the most is his lifelong dedication to health and fitness. He was a natural bodybuilder who truly lived the lifestyle. He had challenging total body workouts along with solid nutrition with ALL the nutrients and food groups. He also believed in Power Walking for cardio in addition to his resistance workouts. I live and train in the same way and there's simply nothing better! Balance is the key as is moderation. Many people nowadays would be wise to take lessons from Hercules! 


Although I have read about his diet and training for years (actually decades!), I just recently picked up a book titled "Steve Reeves Hercules Cookbook" and it is an absolute joy to read! Not only is his pre-contest diet explained, but recipes for some of his favourite "comfort" foods are here such as the foods he cooked on his ranch when he was  much older. You really get an idea of how well balanced and tasty his food was! You can buy your own copy at


Anyway here's a recipe of his for Bean And Beef Burritos. This recipe makes 4 Burritos.

4 large flour tortillas

1 lb ground turkey or 1 1/2 lb shredded beef

1 to 2 cans of refried beans (pinto)

1 large diced fresh tomato

1 cup graded sharp cheddar cheese

1 lb container of salsa or 1/4 chopped fresh onions (green or red)


He understood the importance of carbs to power those workouts, the importance of protein to build and support those muscles, bones, etc. And he understood the importance of fat for proper body and brain function. Everything in balance! Really, how can anyone with a bit of logic and common sesne recommend anything else?!