Sometimes it can be frustrating for beginners to watch workout videos with all types of exercises that are beyond your abilities. It's all fine for someone to say to do 15 reps of chinups followed by 15 reps of dips and then a 100 Meter Dash. The only problem is what happens when you haven't worked out for years, decades, or never? Or how about if you have an injury? There are many reasons why you may not be able to do conventional exercises. That's the reason why it's important to understand the need for LIMITED ABILITY EXERCISES

I know it may not sound very good, but the fact of the matter is that you have to crawl before you can walk. And I might point out that these exercises are still challenging even for advanced trainees. It's just that they're also well-suited for beginners or those with limited abilities. Here are a few examples.

  1. WALK-OUT BURPEES - Step your feet back one at a time instead of jumping them back
  2. FARMERS CARRY- Simply walk carrying two heavy objects. There are many who believe that walking is the single most important exercise you can do!
  3. PLANKS- Simply holding the plank position can be a very challenging exercise. Later on, you can progress to Mountain Climbers, Knee Taps, etc. But I once had a 400 lb man hold a plank!
  4. MARTIAL ARTS/BOXING - Of course I personally love this one a lot! There are many options here. Everything from Qigong and Tai Chi to kickboxing. But it all works well.
  5. STAIR TRAINING - This one is amazing! Anyone who played sports in high school or college must remember doing lots of stair running. I certainly do. Of course it can be done running, walking, taking multiple steps at a time, etc. Another one is to just stay on one step and keep going up and down for time.
  6. BATTLE ROPES - These are great for the variety of movements you can do! It's great for both strength and endurance.
  7. SLAMS - These can be done with a medicine ball or the battle ropes. Good for explosiveness.
  8. SLEDGE HAMMER TRAINING - This is one that I really love and I show it pretty much all my clients. Once again there is an almost endless variety of movements here and you're learning to use your muscles in a very functional way.
  9. BEAR CRAWL - Why not have fun exercising or making a game out of it? You can go in a straight line or go in a box pattern. Or (my favourite) have a race!
  10. SWINGS - These can be done either with a regular dumbbell or a kettlebell. Bring the weight between the legs and swing it up in front of you. This is very effective for working all those posterior muscles that are often ignored, but extremely important.

So there you have it. 10 exercise ideas that just about anybody can do. Remember there are always options and there are always solutions!

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