Don't Play The Numbers Game

Don't Play The Numbers Game!

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All too often, people get obsessed with numbers. We're constant;y told by people, online charts, insurance companies, so-called experts, etc, what our ideal measurements and weight should be. Frankly the whole thing gets very tiresome. There are so many factors such as body type, size of your frame, other genetic factors, etc that can affect it. It's absolutely impossible to have some magic number that everyone of a certain height must attain.

For example, I am naturally thick waisted. At a height of about 5'8" I have a waist of about 35 or 36". Some people will look at that and immediately say that it's too big. But have they looked at other considerations? My chest measurement is between 47" and 48". I am naturally heavier framed. I have a healthy bodyfat percentage and if you've seen my videos, you know that I emphasize core conditioning quite heavily. 

At the end of the day, remember that how you look and even more important, how you feel, is the most important thing. Simply having a so-called healthy bodyweight or measurements is no indication of your health and fitness. Don't focus on the numbers. Focus on how you look, feel, and perform. These are infinitely more important!