Chi Explained Scientifically

Chi Explained Scientifically

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For longer than I care to think about, I have heard nonsense about so-called mysterious powers of Chi. People can supposedly levitate objects or themselves, or other similar ridiculous stories. I once saw a supposed Kung Fu master use his Chi to stiffen a $20 bill and break a rice bowl with it! I can't make up this garbage!

The truth is that Chi is nothing mysterious at all. The literal translation of Chi is "Rice plus Air". I know that may sound rather strange, but how about "Glucose plus Oxygen"? Does that sound a little more familiar and less mysterious? In other words, it's describing Aerobic Respiration and Blood Circulation. NOW we're getting somewhere, aren't we? Certainly you're familiar with these concepts.

With regard to martial arts practitioners who can generate power in their strikes, that is not "Chi" either. That is to say, it's not Chi if you choose to define it as a special power. But it is a combination of proper body mechanics, breathing, timing, and rooting. Is it easy to develop this type of skill and power? Most certainly not! This is the very definition of Martial Arts mastery along with understanding how and when to use it as well as being able to read (and manipulate) your opponent. It takes years to develop all these things to a high level. It's difficult, but it is an Earthly, physical skill. Not a mystic superpower!

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