Body Connection And Coordination? Try This Exercise!

Body Connection And Coordination? Try This Exercise!

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In the Chinese Internal Martial Arts, we have an expression. "One part moves, All parts move". This is an integral part of the entire system. Your body MUST move in one coordinated effort. When a punch is thrown, it is not merely the arm throwing it. It's the entire body. In fact, believe it or not, the arm is the least important part of a punch. Proper rooting, body connection, coordination, and breathing is what will get the job done!

This sounds great, but the problem is that getting your body to do what your mind knows it should do, is not that easy. Therefore we need help in the form of specialized exercises to teach us these attributes. And these physical attributes is what makes the difference in not only martial arts but any sport or activity. Bruce Lee himself once said that Attributes are 80% of the battle and skill in technique is only 20%.

So in this video, I demonstrate an exercise which I absolutely love and that is the Medicine Ball Stepping Drill. Stepping while you push the medicine ball out in random directions will help develop this body connection. A very effective and also fun way to develop this extremely important skill!

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