xingyiquan five element fist martial arts xingyiquan five element fist martial arts


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Today we're looking at the final two elements of Xingyiquan. In the last post, we looked at the first three which are Chopping, Drilling, and Crushing. Today it's Exploding and Crossing. Together all of these elements make up the Five Element Fist which is the foundation upon which all of Xingyiquan is built. There are two different ways of looking at these elements in the Xingyiquan system. First there is a creative cycle. This shows you how to move from one element to the next. Then there is the destructive cycle which shows you how to use the elements to destroy other elements. Of course, you can do any possible number of combinations, but this is the foundation.



Chopping to Drilling

Drilling to Crushing

Crushing to Exploding

Exploding to Crossing



Chopping destroys Crushing (metal chops wood)

Crushing destroys Crossing (wood parts earth)

Crossing destroys Drilling (earth absorbs water)

Drilling destroys Exploding (water extinguishes fire)

Exploding destroys Chopping (fire melts metal)