Let's do some Bagua Let's do some Bagua


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Bagua (or Baguazhang) is one of the key internal martial arts. The other two well known ones are Tai Chi Chuan and Xingyiquan. Internal martial arts are generally referred to as such because they don't use hard blocks or force against force. Instead they tend to use angles, positioning, and deflections. Rather than doing a hard block, we yield to the force and then counter attack from a different position. It also refers to cultivation of Chi or internal energy. This is done through Qigong breathing methods combined with movements. However, when you understand this, then many martial arts can be internal martial arts and not just those three. As an example, Western Boxing is very much an internal martial art. Think about it. You use your feet and head movements to evade punches rather than just standing there and doing hard blocks. Slipping, Bobbing and Weaving, Ducking, and Laybacks are all examples of the evasive nature of Boxing. 


In the martial art of Bagua, it's primarily a joint locking or stand up grappling system. This is the reason why the stances are lower and wider. There is also a huge emphasis on pivots since they're heavily used for joint locks and grappling techniques. Watch the video to learn more. Baguazhang truly is a wonderful, beautiful martial art. You could spend a lifetime studying it and still only understand a fraction of the total knowledge of the system.