New Year Circuit Workout New Year Circuit Workout


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This is a circuit workout I did very early in the new year. It's a full body, functional workout. Always keep in mind that if your goal is to build muscle, endurance, improve athleticism, or anything else that's worth getting from your fitness efforts, then multi-joint, compound, and functional exercises are the way to go. Exercise machines have their place. Suppose you're injured or otherwise unable to do certain movements. Machines can help fill those gaps. But if you're able to do it, then functional exercises are the way. 


For today's workout, we have five exercises all arranged in a circuit. Minimal rest is taken between exercises and try to do between three and five total circuits. Here are the exercises.


1. Gironda Dips

2. 10 And 2 using a Bodybar

3. Barbarian Squats using a Bodybar

4. Kettlebell 1 Arm Swing

5. Hanging Leg Raises